Our Pastor & First Lady


Pastor Medley is a native of Cairo IL. He has been in the ministry for nearly 40 years.  He served the congregation of Prayer Wheel Church of God in Christ in Springfield, IL for 19 years.  In 1984 Pastor Medley founded Progressive Church of God in Christ where he has faithfully ministered to the congregation.


Pastor Medley is married to his childhood sweetheart Alice Marie Medley with two children, Sabrina and Robert Jr.


The Official Staff


Pastor- Elder Robert G. Medley Sr.


Asst. Pastor- Elder G. M. Jackson


Administrative Assistant - Mother Alice M. Medley


Associate Elder - Elder Manuel Scott


Minister - Lorne (Chris) Williams


Church Mother - Mother Zetta Robinson


Head Deacon - Deacon Larry Landis


Financial Secretary - Mother Olivia Morgan


Music Staff


Minister of Music - Missionary Sabrina M. Jackson


Percussionist - Brother Jairus Jackson

                OUR CHURCH


Adhering to the call and having a vision from God, Elder Robert G. Medley Sr., stepped out on faith and opened the doors of Progressive Church of God in Christ at 1231 E. Jackson St. in Springfield, Illinois, and began calling all to worship offically on December 3, 1984.


In May of 1988, due to a fire, the doors of 1231 E. Jackson were closed permanetly and the Progressive congregation was temporaily housed at 1405 E. Laurel in Springfield.


In August of 1988 our ground breaking ceremony was held at 17th and Ash St. and performed by the late Bishop Theodore T. Rose. In November of 1988 the building of Progressive was started and the first service was held on April 30, 1989. 


Over 30 years later Progressive continues to serve as a strong corner stone of its community.


Mission Statement:


The church is the congregation of God. Within the congregation lies the foundation for unity. The image of the church is viewed as a community of disciples. This congregation is empowered to bring forth changes that would enable persons to experience the power of God through the presence of the Holy Ghost. The church is called by God to proclaim the good news that transforms lives and situations because the risen Christ is honored and served.



1625 E. Ash St. Springfield, IL. 62703

Church Phone 217- 525-0068

Elder Robert G. Medley, Sr. Pastor & Founder

"On The Move For Christ"

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